quinta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2012

Strawberry, Kawaiiiii ;3

Before. See
My nail stay fail.
really, I bruised myself. D:




After  I pass the Ellen – I know the name, oahdoahohad’
put is type tomato  ..




All ~ D

I don’t past red whit a lot of frequency,
I think is very stranger for me,
well, I used this green of, Coloroma – Palmeira.
e Max Beauty – Angra dos Reis.
I mix the two color used a pencil.
see the other color, is more bush.

After mix de colors, I do this. ..

I used the semi pencil (:

Right, gatinho. Ahdoahd’

Left, now.

All, So KAWAII. *-------*’
I used this pencil for do the circles,
( I don’t know the name this in English, Put,in Portuguese is type Boleador, - Indicado para fazer pequenos circulos no deseho, exemplo : Miolo de florais. (: ))

This was MarcoBoni.

I used Impala Branco Cremoso for do the circles, (:


Left. (:

Right, hahaha

All, xD

Base, for more shine, (:

Secador para Esmalte. (:

Left, (:

Right, ((:




Thanksssss, (:
So much. rs

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