domingo, 29 de julho de 2012

Haaapp ... (8)'

I miss write here. ~
I don’t know what’s I write because I’m sluggish today.
I stay lost in myself.
What’s I hope for me in the future ?
What’s I need do in my life for be happy ?
How I help other peoples, ?  When ?
Why ?
Why the thinks don’t is easy for all people.
Do you can see my confusion ?


I Hate my hair.
Because I print it of violet and blue.
But is temporary and leave in my closes, and my skin ..
But see. ~


After this close stay fail, very fail;

I  do this face.

Then I need arrest my hair. /:
for not spoil my other closes, /:
But it’s beautiful too.


I like this photo, my hair stay long here.
I do this, it''s tipe lolite hair.


is very easy for do, the fist, you arrest your hair normaly,
And after you put your hair for up and arrest whit staples,
I put one Arquinho ?
garnish for my hair.
But is not necessary, (:


My friends, Luiz, Carol, and Mendes.
I’m the girls  whit the oranger hair.


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